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We Love SwanseaWelcome to We Love Swansea. Thanks for visiting our website. We have just launched and hopefully you will jump onboard and support our Swansea campaign too.


We are a bunch of local guys and girls who developed this site to bring you a free service just for Swansea locals.  We are totally dedicated to helping you find local Swansea businesses, services and events. We are on a serious mission designed to bring local businesses and our community together.


The Meaning of Community in Swansea.

Years ago, there was no need to lock your front door, there were local butchers, bakers and local shops. Neighbours were friends and everybody supported and helped each other. Community spirit was high. People were extremely happy with the simple things in life.  Local people filled local jobs and any money spent stayed in the community which enabled it to prosper and grow stronger. These days, it appears that we do not know our neighbours' names, there are few small, independent businesses – many have closed. Local money is given to national companies, totally distant from the communities they are supposed to serve.

We are all guilty of convenience shopping. It’s easy - Tesco has it all under one roof, free parking plus offers and deals that entice us to buy what we don’t even need. We get national companies to come and service our boilers as opposed to the local Swansea plumber etc

Swansea has no community spirit. Local shops, pubs and businesses are closing down at alarming rates. Take a look at Swansea city centre. Look at Morriston or Gorseinon.  There are lots of empty premises, charity shops and pound shops. Local Swansea tradesmen are a dying breed as many of them struggle to profit.


Let’s recognise what great little businesses that we have in Swansea, run by local people, employing local people and offering great service (with a happy smile) along with quality products or service. It’s all about community! Let’s KEEP IT LOCAL

We started this campaign because we love living here and we love Swansea. We are truly blessed to live in such a wonderful place. We have so many things that we take for granted… Stunning countryside, Gower Peninsula, the best beaches, fabulous events, premiership football etc Let’s face it, where else can you be in the city centre one minute and on the beach the next!

Our aim is to provide free advertising for local businesses to local people in Swansea, the villages and surrounding areas. Whether you are looking to promote your products, services or event, you can be sure We Love Swansea is the answer. We have set up this website so you register for any of our services individually or you can register for them all if you wish.

We promote local businesses to the local people plus we promote local people to the local businesses

Please join our campaign today - local traders, local produce, local jobs and putting our hard earned wages back where it belongs, into the Swansea community.

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